01.06.2009 13:20

Gorgeous blonde slut gets a messy facial

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It’s true — milk tastes best when it’s freshly squeezed, and it goes the same for hot n’ creamy dick-milk! Cindy here learns that she needs a huge posse of studs to give her the glassful of hot liquid protein that she craves!

Messy gangbang facial jizzshots with bomshell Cindy Crawford

17.05.2009 23:17

Petite babe bent her knees and receives lots of sticky cum

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Jen’s a Southern hottie who can’t quite resist teasing a bunch of horny studs until their balls are about to burst! She knows how sexy she is, and here she fucks her eager cockpit, which drives the boys hog-wild! After a few minutes of jilling off, everyone’s stroking their batons all over this mischievous minx, and she turns up her face so she can taste all of their ooey-gooey cock-froth!

Babe tease bunch of horny men and get blasted all over her face

12.05.2009 23:10

Jamie getting 50 men release loads on her face

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Jamie’s got a nice, smooth twat that’s simply begging to be filled with a hunka cockmeat. But when there’s over 30 studs clamoring for that pie, she spreads her legs for all to see so everyone can whack off over her tight pooter! This bitch really has an ass to die for! And all the boys have a field day dumping mounds and mounds of steaming spunk all over her foxy face in the end!

Sweet blonde Jamie lay down and get blasted with creamy cumloads

30.04.2009 23:05

Lovely chicks shared for bunch of cum

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Black-and-white tandem Lil and Sandra wow the boyz with a lotta fantasy lesbo action here. This gets everyone’s dicks rarin’ to go, and in moments everyone’s pulling their puds while our two stars happily munch away at each other’s kittycats. Soon both of their faces are covered in cock-milk, and they even swap the stuff between their pieholes! It sure can’t get any nastier than this!

Sweet and lovely chick getting their face blasted with sticky cum

17.04.2009 23:02

Kapri get blasted by cum all over her face

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What’s black, white, and incredibly creamy? Kapri Styles after a cumbath! This hawt momma knows how to turn a guy on with her come-hither look and her amazingly juicy booty. What’s more, she can put on a real sexy show so no cock can ever stay limp for long in her presence. Watch this chocolate firecracker get doused with a massive load of cum from her fired-up and whacked-out fans!

Kapri tease bunch of men and get blasted by cum all over her face

17.03.2009 22:58

Brooke takes cumshots smack right on her pretty face

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Foxy slut Brooke’s one juicy Cherry all the boys cant get enough of! In this high-powered episode, she lets everyone feel her up before teasing ’em to a fuck frenzy. Just watching her poke her twat is enough to make any regular joe explode in his pants! And she expertly brings everybody to a full-scale orgasm and takes their cumshots smack right on her gorgeous face!

Gorgeous babe Brooke soaked in loads of warm creamy cum

17.02.2009 22:54

Megan get her face blasted with sticky cum

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There’s nothing sexier than a drop-dead-gorgeous blonde vixen toying with her hot pussy in front of you, and Megan does this in front of over 50 studs! This beach babe ain’t shy about exposing her meaty snatch to a bunch of horndawgs cuz she gets off on making everybody in the room cum just by watching her. For being such a naughty slut she gets rewarded with an extra-creamy cum shower!

Hot blonde get soaked and splattered with loads of hot creamy cum

17.01.2009 22:50

Isabell get her face spray by lots of cumloads

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Oui, oui! Isabell’s one of the most breathtaking babes we’ve ever set our sights on, and we just couldn’t let her go without having chucked our batter on her beautiful face! Good for us she’s up to diddling her pie until she cums, then she gets her kicks watching all of us beat our meat until WE cum. Man, jizzing on a lovely girl’s mug is priceless! This is one awesome party you shouldn’t miss!

Horny petite Isabell getting her lovely face spray lots of cum

17.12.2008 22:45

Sweet horny blonde gets her face blasted

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When sultry Chelsea gets nekkid, anytime is playtime for this hot-to-trot sweetheart! In this spicy episode she shows her studs what she’s got when she drills her super-dildo in and outta her cum-pie. Of course, seeing a chick shamelessly bang herself is more than the guys can handle, and things get wild as everyone whacks off all over their muse! Don’t miss this scorchin’ scene, ever!

Chelsie Rae getting her pretty face loaded with warm sticky cum

07.11.2008 22:24

Missy perform and get their cum blasted on her face

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Splooging on an award-winning porn princess like Missy is a real honor for any cunt-crazed fuckstud! This angelic bitch will do anything to make you cum, and here she gives her drippy cunt the rough treatment with her trusty dildo. Don’tcha wish it were your log plunging in and outta that hole instead? Everyone else here does, and they blast this whore’s face with dick paste for being such a tease!

Sexy blonde shoved hard dildo on her pussy and gets cumshots

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